Day 4 for the Acebook Mums!

Already Thursday! Let me just say I cannot wait for the weekend — hoping go on a family beach trip seeing as there is a heatwave!

7:30 — Started off my day by missing my zoom pilates class because yesterday’s session left me too sore — this summer body will not ready until autumn at this rate.

8:30 — Did the school run and bumped into Karen again at the school gate and of all days she decided to ask me how my pilates class went today! Headed home right after that awkward encounter to carry on our Python Learning! Today is Flask!

10:00 — We settle down and have our first stand up of the day. Everybody is talking about the progress we made on Wednesday. A lot of us are still trying to get comfortable to do TDD with ‘Pytest’, we did decide that we need to get a start on Flask today as we are planning to start working on Acebook on Monday. I won’t lie but I am glad to do something other than Pytest — I’ve had enough for the week! Some of us did some Pytest in the morning and the rest of us got started on Flask using the Codeacademy course and a YouTube tutorial.

13:00 — Lunchtime! Missing pilates this morning means that today can be a cheat day! So I ordered some Mexican food for lunch (Taco Thursday!)

14:00 — We have our afternoon standup. Those of us who started on Flask agree that it isn’t that bad and with time we’ll be able to understand it unlike Pytest! We shared some resources and decided to spend the rest of the day doing more Flask and then have a stand down at 4pm.

15:30 — Had to call Gary to make sure he remembered to pick up the boys and good thing I did because this man was on his way to the gym despite me reminding him every hour! Can’t take your eyes off of him I swear!

16:00 — We meet again for the stand down and now that we all have had a play around with Flask, we all felt a little better about we are and aboutthe project too. The Pytest side was and still is very confusing and it’ll only get better with practice so there’s no point dwelling on it.

17:00 — We reached the end of the day and my brain is overloaded with new information. It was a good and productive day and for tomorrow — it’ll be more Flask and our coach (Eddie) will joining us in the morning and hopefully it’ll help us to know where to start with the project!

17:45 — Gary comes home with the kids, I thought they’ve been home for ages but apparently Gary didn’t want the boys to disturb me while I was working, which I thought was very sweet of him until I realised it was because he had forgotten his keys. He knew I annoyed I would be opening the door if it was still working hours. Night! x



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